Rune Warriors: Age of Heroes

Rune Warriors: Age of Heroes v1.1.1.17 (Mod) mod apk Game Downloads hack unlock apk + data obb, Rune Warriors: Age of Heroes apk games v1.1.1.17 download for android (Mod) with unlimited coins and money,Rune Warriors is an action-adventure role-playing game set in a fantastic world of dragons, goblins, demons, and the undead. The game has something for everyone – PvP and PvAI combat; the challenge of deep and tactical battles balanced with fun mini games and short, action-packed skirmishes.

Rune Warriors: Age of Heroes v1.1.1.17 (Mod) Mod Apk Games

✓ MMO-inspired Combat: You control multiple heroes in combat, each with unique skills. Switch up heroes in real-time to meet each challenge and use the right skills at the right time to defeat your enemies.
✓ Island Conquest PvP Map: Explore and conquer an ever-expanding archipelago, winning and losing islands in PvP matches, earning daily gold for every island you control.
✓ Player-versus-Player Matches: Take your upgraded heroes into 3-on-3, tag-team style matches against other players. Win once and earn items and currency. Win often and climb the ranks for even better rewards.
✓ Character Upgrading: Use runes to summon powerful heroes, then max out their power using their sigils, skills, rank, and gear.
✓ Player-versus-AI Battles: Quest through the solo maps and conquer side-scrolling missions where you take on various monsters and characters, earning experience and loot.
✓ Daily Events and Quests: Collect stamina, gold, and other rewards in daily quests and battles featuring rotating character buffs.
✓ Autoplay: For added convenience, set your heroes to autoplay and they will automatically fight your battles.

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