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Paper Soccer X Multiplayer v1.0 mod apk Game Downloads hack unlock apk + data obb, Paper Soccer X Multiplayer apk games v1.0 download for android with unlimited coins and money, Paper Soccer X is an addictive online game for players across the world. It’s based on the traditional paper-and-pencil game. You can face players with similar skills, and user’s rank which is based on games results history. Our game adaptation includes player-computer game mode and allows you to play online with the players across the different mobile platforms as one and only.

Paper Soccer X Multiplayer v1.0 Mod Apk Games

Game starts from the pitch center – player draws line to the one of adjacent dots horizontal, vertical or diagonal as long as the line doesn’t ends in the dot where is meeting any other line.

You can’t draw lines on previously drawn lines.

You can also bounce off the pitch’s borders.

The loser is the one who will find ball in his goal or the one who would not be able to complete his move.

Despite of simple rules game requires deep thinking and allows you to use complex strategies and game tricks.

Learn advanced strategy of locking access to your own goal, hone your skills and start winning!

Paper Soccer X is simply beautiful game with minimal graphics and cool animations.
Game controls are really intuitive and simple – to move simply swipe in chosen direction or tap dot where you would like to move. Each full move is accepted via touching button in the right bottom corner.

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