Legends of Heropolis apk

Legends of Heropolis v2.0.3 mod apk Game Downloads hack unlock apk + data obb, Legends of Heropolis apk games download for android v2.0.3 with unlimited coins and money,The town of Heropolis has been destroyed! Can you rebuild it to be the center of justice once more?
Grow your heroes, gather your friends, and battle evil in this superhero simulation game.

Legends of Heropolis v2.0.3 Mod Apk Games

In a town devastated by the nefarious Evilcorp, all hope seems lost… yet the flames of justice aren’t so easily quenched. One gallant hero won’t rest until their town is restored to its former glory.

Construct a secret base, gather heroes from far and wide, and bring peace back to Heropolis!

Rebuild the town however you like; shops, roads, and other facilities are all at your disposal.

Enlist your friends’ heroes and cooperate to form a powerful battle team. With your powers combined, you can crush Evilcorp once and for all!

Customize your avatar, vehicles and more to make this superhero tale really your own!

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