Hit The JACKPOT Idle apk

Hit The JACKPOT Idle v2.0.2 mod apk Game Downloads hack unlock apk + data obb, Hit The JACKPOT Idle apk games download for android v2.0.2 with unlimited coins and money,The original simulator with clinker elements.

Hit The JACKPOT Idle Game v2.0.2 Mod Apk Games

Finally!! I’m out of soil spoon! Now I am a gold spoon at last!!!

– No difficulty with enjoying the game without “in app purchase”.
* Half of the IAP profit will be allotted for Game development,
and another half will be donated for the unprivileged children.
– Thrilling amusement of scratching lottery ticket!
– Exhilarating Jackpot!
– Friends and kittens scratching lottery tickets together!
– A great side job with automatic cash allotment!
– Earn money and buy mansions, sport cars, and private airplanes!
– Raise your popularity and meet beauties!

Would you be able to escape from soil spoon by studying all day?
Five combos of working all day, traffic jams, night duties, office outings,
and nagging from home..
Would you be able to escape from soil spoon if you live like this forever?
Can I be a gold spoon if I TRRRRYY continuously to be diligent?
Nah~! I’m done with this!!!
The answer is lottery ticket!!!

Escape from Soil Spoon! Lottery Idle Game! Gold Spoon Simulation!

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