Crowntakers mod hack unlock apk + data obb,Crowntakers android game unlimited coins and money,Dark days are inevitable – the kidnapping of King leads the once serene country in complete disarray. You become the chosen king, who personally have on you, appearing to you in a dream, and go on an adventure to free him from the clutches of a vicious Duke and become the greatest hero in the history of the kingdom. The main thing – do not waste time …

– Roguelike Turn-based strategy with RPG elements in a perfectly recreated a fantasy world.
– At the beginning of each game the world is changing, and generates a new environment and competitors, thereby encouraging players to use a new strategy.
– More than 8 different locations, including the mountain passes and gloomy castles.
– 9 mercenaries to help you resist the bandits, ferocious monsters and evil knights on the field of the octagonal cells. Use the benefit of the unique skills of the archer, mage, scout and other mercenaries.
– Gather resources, raise the level of travel, mining powerful weapons and useful to consume potions to survive and complete the task.
– Alternate ending: Do you have time to save the king, until it is too late?

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