BattleRex Genghis Khan mod hack unlock apk + data obb,BattleRex Genghis Khan android game unlimited coins and money,Designed to work on all Android devices. Tablets and mobiles. Android version 3.0 is a minimum. * You complete a scenario by conquering 60 of the 70 provinces in a scenario. NO TURN LIMIT IN FULL VERSION.

* Four very big scenarios in the full version (one in the FREE version and a 15 turn time limit).
* The full game campaign spans the conquests of Genghis Khan over four scenarios.
* 20 factions to defeat and conquer in the full campaign.
* Each faction has its own set of units.
* Diplomacy system for declaring war when you want to.
* Google Play Leaderboards for all difficulty levels.
* Google Play Leaderboards for all scenarios and also the full campaign.
* Google Play Achievements to unlock if you play good. 18 in total.
* Experience points, which level the units. Levelled units have higher attack and defence values.
* Zooming features by pinching the screen or clicking the zooming buttons.

PLAY LINK:BattleRex Genghis Khan

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